What to Expect

What to Expect

New Clients - What to Expect:

  • When coming to the Veterinary Medical Clinic you can expect to be greeted by a veterinary assistant or technician as you enter our lobby and waiting room.

  • From the front lobby you will be taken by a technician into an exam room so that your pet’s history and vital signs can be taken.

  • After the technician has finished, one of our veterinarians will join you in the exam room to perform a physical exam and discuss any concerns you have regarding your pet’s health.

  • During this step, the veterinarian may recommend diagnostic tests or a treatment plan. At any time during this process, we welcome and recommend asking any questions you might have! Our veterinary team wants to ensure that you and your pet are comfortable with your visit and the information you receive.

  • It is likely that one of our veterinary technicians will follow up with you in the exam room at the end of the visit to see if there are any more questions that have come up and to schedule follow up appointments if necessary.

  • After leaving the exam room our front desk staff will collect payment, confirm follow up appointments and ensure you have any medications or supplements prescribed by our veterinarians.

  • Please note that we make every effort to see everyone in a timely manner, however, occasionally emergency situations do arise and may create unexpected delays. We always do our best to ensure delays are as minimal as possible.

  • Even after your visit with us, we encourage phone calls, emails, or other communication pertaining to any questions or concerns you may have.

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